Mac DVD Copy Reviews 2012

Why you need DVD Copy?

dvd to dvd on macDVDs have for a long time provided movie lovers with an exceptional way of storing and enjoying movies. DVDs have extra capacity that allows them to carry more data. What is more, they are more convenient and easy to use. They can be used on a variety of platforms including TVs and computers. You can rely on our site for information on these and more products.

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Compare DVD Copy for Mac OS

Mac DVD Ripper Review - The best review of DVD Ripper to choose the best DVD Ripper.
Mac DVD Ripper Review - The best review of DVD Ripper for Mac OS to choose the best DVD Ripper.
Very Good
Mac DVD Ripper Review - The best review of DVD Ripper for Mac OS to choose the best DVD Ripper.
Mac DVD Ripper Review - The best review of DVD Ripper for Mac OS to choose the best DVD Ripper.
Mac DVD Ripper Review - The best review of DVD Ripper for Mac OS to choose the best DVD Ripper.
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iskysoft dvd copy for mac xilisoft dvd copy for mac imtoo dvd copy for mac
Products iSkysoft DVD Copy for Mac Xilisoft DVD Copy for Mac ImToo Mac DVD Copy
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Output Formats  
DVD (+/-)R Dual Layer
DVD (+/-) R(W)
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Region Coding  
Mac OS X
Price $49
$49.95 $49.95
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Now that people can carry their electronic devices more conveniently, it is important for you to ensure that your DVDs are safe. Since data on DVDs is exposed, it is very easy for a DVD to get scratched and dented. This also means that the precious information stored on the DVD is at a high risk of corrosion. In the past, people were forced to purchase a new DVD in case of scratches. It is illogical to keep replacing your DVDs. But these problems can now be dealt with effectively thanks to Mac DVD copy software. It allows you to create a backup. You can therefore decide to either put the data on a new blank DVD or burn it directly to your PC which is more convenient and safe. Then, you may choose to put the data on your portable electronic devices and forget about the DVD.

mac dvd copy feature 1Mac DVD copy software therefore allows you to continue enjoying your favorite movies and songs from anywhere and at any time. The following passage seeks to provide you with more information on Mac DVD copy software.

What is Unique about Mac DVD Copy Software?

For starters, Mac DVD copy software comes in two forms: ripper and copier. But most of our products can perform both tasks effectively. The copier is meant for providing DVD backup. It has simple applications that read and compress data on the Disc for easier storage on a fresh DVD. The applications are also important for creating backups on the hard drive of your computer in a number of forms including ISO folders, Video files and other DVD media records.

Rippers are also excellent for developing DVD versions although they are mainly meant for transferring data from DVDs to other devices such as cell phones and iPods. You can also edit videos, capture screen, and isolate audio tracks using these applications. These applications are great when you want to transfer data from your DVD to other devices with messing with the disc. The following is the breakdown of the applications.


mac dvd copy feature 2Before you purchase your software application, there are important considerations that you have to make. For instance you have to determine what you want to achieve with the software. It is good to determine whether to retain your physical DVDs or to transfer them to other mobile devices. You must also determine the amount of time that the software will take you complete the task of transferring the data. It is important to know whether the application will allow you to preview the data on your DVD before transferring it. Check whether the software can support the inclusion of special materials and other DVD menus. Also check whether the application provides CSS provided on all new DVDs. Lastly, consider purchasing software that will enable you to scrap region coding so that you can play the DVD in whatever region you wish.

Output Formats

Since transferring data from your DVDs to other digital devices is a long process, it is important for you to make sure that the end product is in the best format. The software must also be able to support your digital device for easier transfer.

Ease of Use

A good application must be easy to use. It should therefore have simple and plain basic construction as well as clean designs. You should also ensure that the application has an easy layout and spontaneous features.

Help & Support

Finally, before you can purchase the application, it is imperative that you check the kind of support it has. It should at least have some instructional materials to assist you in the installation process. The above factors enabled us to line up a number of important applications such as Xilisoft DVD copy for mac, iSkysoft DVD copy for Mac, and more. Ensure that you understand what you want to achieve before you purchase your DVD.

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