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Products DVDfab DVD Greator DVD Cloner Wondershare DVD Creator 123 DVD Copy Gold Xilisoft DVD Creator
Overall Rating
Conversion Speed
Quality of Copy
Easy to Use
Discount 20%        
Price $40 $59.99 $39.95 $49.99 $49.95
Output Formats  
NTSC (Movies)
PAL (Movies)
Time to Complete Burnin 40 30 40 40 40
CSS Decryption        
Blu-ray Support      
Burn to/from Hard Drive
Ability to omit bonus material  
Ability to retain bonus material
Supports Menus  
Episodic DVD support  
Compress DVD-9 to DVD-5  
Multi Languages Supported
Restores defective or scratched DVDs
Removes Region Codes
Mac OS X
Discount 20%        
Price $40 $59.99 $39.95 $49.99 $49.95

Why We Need DVD Buring Software?

Nowadays DVD burners are shipped with just about every computer that leaves any of the major providers – what used to be one of the most expensive options for a person to add to their desktop or pc is now completely standard on even entry level models . It’s become even harder to find a computer without a DVD burner. But just because they ship with every single computer that’s made today, doesn’t mean that they are easy to use – while the hardware is strikingly similar and pretty standard across the board, the real crux of the operation comes in when you introduce the software to control the hardware. This entire site is dedicated to providing you all of the options for the best DVD burning software available today – my hope is that you’ll be able to get all of the information and critical resources you need to make informed decisions in one spot.

There are a couple of major things that you need to consider when picking the DVD burning software – first you have to establish your goals and required outcomes, then run through system specs, and finally come to the most often chosen deal breaker – price. Each and every different piece of the best DVD burning software is unique in some way or another, and it’s important that you select the right option for your particular needs.

Establishing Goals

You need to establish and outline your goals before you can even begin the search for the right software. Are you going to be just burning the offhand backup DVD, are you looking to rip and burn backups of the movies you already own, or are you running a full on production company and need to have consecutive burners running different jobs at a time? Each will require a unique touch, and each will have a different program better suited for those needs. Outline everything you need on a piece of paper (one page and one page only), and you’ll have a great guideline to run through when searching for programs.

System Specs

While most computers ship with DVD burners, not all have the supporting hardware to make burning run smoothly and efficiently. You’re going to want to make sure you system specs are up to snuff when it comes to driving something as intensive as a burning process, especially if you don’t want to have your machine dedicated solely to the burning operations.


This is usually a big deal breaker when it comes to selecting the perfect DVD software – but lucky for you, there are some incredible options at just about every price point. Often (but not always) you’ll be able to find a suitable free option, but some of the pay programs a pretty awesome too. It all boils down to your unique situation, but I think you’ll find everything you need to select the best DVD burning software just by using this site.

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