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iPhone 7?


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Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 iPhone Comments Off on iPhone 7?

New Apple Product iPhone 5 speculation

Before iPhone 4s came, lots of rumors flooded the web, what name it is,we all thought that would be iPhone 5 and what os it is, what kind of display and camera, what new softwares it would use, and so on. The same speculation happened again in this season.

Gether up all the infomation about the new iPhone, we have a picture, this new product’s display will be at least 4 inch, it will be similar to Samsung Galaxy S III, which is 30% bigger than the current 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone. And some reports speculate that the new iPhone will have a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels, and a 16:9 aspect ratio,up from 3:2 on existing models. It will be more sharpness than the current Retina display.

According to some reports that, a new version of Apple processor is under test, which will be used for iPhone 5, but this saying has not been proved yet. And 4G LTE iPhone is the new highlights. And we cannot be sure that 4G LTE will be used on iPhone 5 neither. The thing about iPhone 5 has been confirmed that, the new device can share photo streams from ios5 into a full photo and video sharing service on iOS 6. So people can share pictures and videos on all their Apple’s devices through iCloud, the storage service of Apple.

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Speculating about iPad mini

Early this year, some Apple suppliers were showed for designing a device with smaller display than iPad, about 7-8 inch, then the rumors about iPad new product, iPad mini, spreaded all over the web. Why Apple did not release any 7 or 8 inch products untill iPad2 came out?

In 2010, Steve Jobs predicted that 7-inch tablets were going to be “dead on arrival”. But we can see that, the kindle fire and other 7 inch products have done very well in this big tablets market. They made their own way to fight against Apple products. More easy to take with, lower price.

As we all known, Apple has the best display technology, once it decides to seize 7 inch tablets market, there must be a big strike to other products.

With the expected day coming, some sites report that this new device will look like a larger iPod Touch rather than a smaller iPad, there is not specific info and consistent word about the availability of different iPad mini models right now, the price would be similar to kindle fire and other 7 inch teblets. And the release date might be alongside the iPhone 5, and now the only thing we can do is just holding the expectation and pay attention.

Monday, September 3rd, 2012 iPad, IT News Comments Off on Speculating about iPad mini

Top 5 tablets to buy

If you are not having any tablet device right now, that’s really out. No matter Apple or Samsung they’re so convenient to use. From 7-inch slates to 10-inch devices, Wifi or 4G, there must be a right tablet for you.

Apple New iPad

The most amazing thing is Retina display, it’s a such big improvement relative to iPad 2, which is also a very good tablet device. Retina display makes the frames sharpness and color for playing videos. Also the New iPad has better camera and strong app stores, which makes iPad the best tablet to choose.

Google Nexus 7

This is the best tablet device with 7 inch screen and quad-core, which makes it fast. Google’s operating system with a lower price, this is also a good choice.

Amazon kindle fire

The classice kindle does a very good work in this field and kindle fire is designed better to load Amazon’s apps and contents with bright screen and dual core processor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Galaxy Tab is the best affordable choice for those people who love bright and colorful screen and a powerful battery.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

This new quad-core processor tablet device is fast with Android os, better camera and full HD screen.

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Friday, August 31st, 2012 IT News Comments Off on Top 5 tablets to buy

Update 3 DVD Hardware Reviews

Here, we update 3 reviews of DVD hardware

  1. DVD Player Reviews
  2. Blu-ray Player Reviews
  3. Portable DVD Player Reviews

Hope something useful for you guys.

Sunday, July 8th, 2012 Updates Comments Off on Update 3 DVD Hardware Reviews

How Often Do You Use Your Mac DVD Ripper?

Here I have 3 questions for you, why do you need a Mac DVD ripper? And how often do you use it? What kind of DVD ripper do you need?

People always do things without any consideration, so they sometimes make wrong choices. Before you buy a DVD ripper, you need to ask yourself 3 questions like I do above, then you can understand what you need.

DVD ripper is used to rip DVD to all the video formats like AVI MP4 MOV FLV 3GP and so on, audio formats are supported too. Make sure what operating system you are using, windows or mac, then goes to the next step, what a DVD ripper used for, and how often do you need it. Most people use a DVD ripper to rip DVD movie into their portable devices such as Apple products and other mobile devices. Make sure the video format your device supports and how often do you need this, then decide to choose a full version DVD ripper or a trial one. If you are clear about the point above, you can go to the last step, what kind of DVD ripper do you need, in another word, what function would you like combined in a DVD ripper, the website with the compared information table and reviews can help you to solve this. Now, it’s easy for you to choose a right DVD ripper program, looks no problem at all.

New Review of Blu-ray Ripper.

Thursday, June 28th, 2012 Questions of DVD Ripper Comments Off on How Often Do You Use Your Mac DVD Ripper?

HTC One S Review

One S is the smaller ‘cousin’ of One X, though there’s nothing small in its features department. It certainly is not a poor man’s One X as it performs rather great for its affordable price tag. You can say that One S is a step up from HTC Sensation as it has better finish, less thick (the thinnest HTC model yet) as well as a lot more features in it.

Let’s check what’s good about One S before we look into the not-so-good aspect of it. First, it certainly fulfills its purpose: music, picture and connectivity. One S provides great media experience and certainly it is not that far behind from iPhone. All the music elements are put into hub called music. It makes it all the more convenient as you can get all music related items in the hub, including Amazon MP3. It also has Soundhound integrated into it so that you can look up the lyrics of the song you are listening to.

HTC continues its good job with contact management with One S too. All your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. can be extracted, identified for duplicates and there will be suggestions to if any of the contacts matched. Although One S doesn’t come with its own video player, you still can watch movie fine and if you ever need to rip a movie from a DVD, then there is always MAC Dvd Ripper.

When a phone is supposed to be geared for media use then you would expect a large storage to accommodate all the files or maybe the option to expand on it, but disappointingly both options are not available. Yes, Dropbox is available with some 50GB storage, but it’s not exactly fast if you need to download the file first.

All in all, One S is a very good phone… except for its storage. Well if you don’t mind about it then One S can’t go much wrong for your needs.

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Thursday, May 17th, 2012 Mobile Comments Off on HTC One S Review

How We Think About This World Though Watching Black Mirror DVD Movie

Britsh movie is totally different from Americans. Actually Black Mirror is kind of TV series with only three episodes, independent people and story, so I think it’s more alike DVD movies.

I prefer Britsh movie more, though there are lots of good American ones. These two kinds of movies, just like a dinner and a fastfood. Britsh movie is with more deep content and makes people to think and introspection. The three episodes in Black Mirror make people to think about the side effect that the high-tech brings. The first episode is The National, which makes me lots of surprise. The daughter of the PM of Britsh is kidnapped, and the PM is requested to have sex with a pig, and also have to make a live show on internet and TV all over the world. The news is spread very fast, and this idea is so abnormal and the PM have to do this for all the people are looking forward to what will happen next. How horrible that the social network can spread so fast and wide, we cannot blockade any news and privacy.

The next two episodes are different from this one, but the introspection is the same about the relationship between high-tech and human beings. I recommend you to rent this DVD disc and have a see, it’s totally different as others, or you rip DVD to your iPhone or iPad to watch it on you way out. You will like the DVD movies and the way you watch it.


Monday, May 14th, 2012 Movie Comments Off on How We Think About This World Though Watching Black Mirror DVD Movie

Insist Your Faith And Get Freedom ——Rip Into The Wild DVD With A DVD Ripper

Directed by Sean Penn who is well known as a famous actor. Actually Into the Wild is not his first time to direct movies. The film is based on a true story and has a tragic ending, but still we can feel the spirit of the man who has tried to be back into the nature and conquer it. This story is about having faith and lay down everything corporeal to get the freedom. Though that’s a short time, the man still deserved respect. He tried at least, and he had never regret.

There are still many movies like this one, telling the story about achieving self worth, Diarios de motocicleta is a road movie based on the ture hero Che Guevara. Many people know him as a revolution hero who traveled around the South America and this made him a big change, and he said, let the world change you and you can change the world. He finally achieved his worth and be treated as a famous hero.

Above are two DVD movies about the people who have their faith and finally die for their faith, very inspired and miraculous. If you are interested in these kind of movie, you can rent or buy DVD disc and enjoy them for times, or even rip these DVD movies into another hard devices by using a DVD ripper program, which is used by million people now. A powerful DVD ripper can to many ripping jobs to do you a favor. That’s why I recommend to you, it has very big user group and just trust the people who have already made the choice.

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Movie Comments Off on Insist Your Faith And Get Freedom ——Rip Into The Wild DVD With A DVD Ripper

Recommend Love DVD Movies For Wedding Season

This is a great season that flowers are blooming and the days are nice and sunny. People are going to fall in love this time every year. We saw the couples walking into the church and promised to each other, that’s must the most beautiful thing in this world. We praise love and look forward to have a good marriage, but that can’t be easy until you find the right person, and this is why love is so charming for everyone.

Many classic love movie are widely known, such as The Bridges of Madison County, Ghost, Before Sunset and The Notebook. Some of them are famous last centry and still many people revere as a priceless treasure, the DVD discs of these classic movies deserve collected. I recommend you to do so, when you have these DVD movies, you can rip DVD to MP4 or DVD to AVI, to put this converted videos on your iPad, iPhone or some hard drive. This is now a very popular thing to do, especially after iPad came out. That’s very convenient to watch movies on iPad, though there are many Apps that you can watch videos without conversion, still that’s not good enough quality than the converted ones. Do not doubt about this, that’s true, big difference between these two program, DVD ripper make the DVD video more clear and higher quality. Now you can buy some love DVD movies for watching in this love season.

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 Movie Comments Off on Recommend Love DVD Movies For Wedding Season